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phpLDAPadmin's configuration is controlled by one file:

  • config/config.php

config/config.php can be used to override defaults that are defined in:

  • lib/config_default.php
  • lib/server_functions.php

The config_default.php file describes all the configurable items in PLA, and provides a default value for each item. This file also provides a very quick description of the configurable parameter.

The config.php file must be in the config/ directory. An example config.php file is provided with the PLA source code - it is called config.php.example and you will also find it in the config/ directory. You should copy or rename this file to config.php before you use PLA for the first time.

The configuration of PLA is broken down into two categories:

Configurable Items - Appearance/Functionality

appearance action_after_creation Action after new entry created.
anonymous_bind_implies_read_only Anonymous bind implies read only LDAP access.
anonymous_bind_redirect_no_tree Anonymous bind redirect to search form. Depreciated
attr_display_order Attribute display order.
compress Enable output compression.
control_icons Config:appearance:control icons
custom_templates_only Only use custom templates.
date Data appearance control.
date_attrs Define date value attributes.
date_attrs_showtime Enable hour:min input for date_attrs
disable_default_template Disable default template.
friendly_attrs Friendly Attributes Display. (NEW)
hide_attrs Hide Attributes from Template displays. (NEW)
hide_attrs_exempt Exempt users from the Hidden Attrs configuration. (NEW)
hide_debug_info Hide debug info links.
hide_template_regexp Hide Template Regexp.
hide_template_warning Config:appearance:hide template warning
language Set the system language.
max_add_attrs Maximum add attributes (NEW).
multi_line_attributes Define multi-line attributes.
multi_line_syntax_oids Define multi-line attributes by their Syntax OID.
obfuscate_password_display Obfuscate the display of passwords.
page_title Change the page title.
rdn_all_attrs RDN Attribute chooser attributes (NEW).
readonly_attrs Mark attributes as Read Only in Template displays. (NEW)
readonly_attrs_exempt Exempt users from the ReadOnly Attrs configuration. (NEW)
remoteurls Config:appearance:remoteurls
show_clear_password Whether to show clear passwords if we dont obfuscate them.
show_hints Show helpful hints.
show_top_create Show create link at top of a big list of entries.
show_schema_link Show the schema link for each attribute.
show_attribute_notes Show notes for each attribute.
stylesheet Style sheet to use.
theme Theme to use.
timezone Override PHP timezone.
tree_display_format True display format.
tree_height Fix the height of the tree, enabling scroll bars.
tree_width Fix the width of the tree, enabling scroll bars.
tree_filter Tree filter.
tree Tree Type.
entry_factory Entry Factory Depreciated
attribute_factory Attribute Factory Depreciated
entry_reader Entry Reader Depreciated
entry_writer Entry Writer Depreciated
query Cache calls to get the query XML configuration.
query_time Time to cache queries (in secs) before checking for changes. (NEW)
schema Cache calls to get schema entries.
template Cache calls to get template details.
template_time Time to cache templates (in secs) before checking for changes. (NEW)
tree Cache calls to build the tree.
commands cmd Config:commands:cmd
script Config:commands:script
confirm create Entry Creation confirmation.
update Entry Update confirmation.
deref export Deref used for exports.
search Deref used when searching
tree Deref used for building the tree.
view Config:deref:view
debug addr Limit debugging to a session who comes from this IP address.
append Append to the debug log or re-create it each browser render.
file Define the file for debugging output.
level Define debugging level.
syslog Send debugging to syslog.
jpeg tmpdir Temporary directory for jpegPhoto data.
tmp_keep_time Jpeg tmpfile keep time Depreciated
mass enabled Enable Mass Updating (NEW).
menu session Config:mass:session
modify_member filter Config:modify member:filter
groupattr Config:modify member:groupattr
attr Config:modify member:attr
posixattr Config:modify member:posixattr
posixfilter Config:modify member:posixfilter
posixgroupattr Config:modify member:posixgroupattr
session blowfish Set the Blowfish passphrase.
cookie_time Config:session:cookie time
memorylimit Config:session:memorylimit
timelimit Config:session:timelimit
password length Config:password:length
numbers Config:password:numbers
lowercase Config:password:lowercase
uppercase Config:password:uppercase
punctuation Config:password:punctuation
use_similar Config:password:use similar
no_random_crypt_salt Config:password:no random crypt salt
search display Config:search:display
size_limit Config:search:size limit
attributes Config:search:attributes
criteria_options search:criteria_options Depreciated
result_attributes Config:search:result attributes

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