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This page is for people interested in working on the phpLDAPadmin source code. It will provide you with documentation on the various components of phpLDAPadmin and links to downloads of development releases.

GIT Access

As of 1st July 2009, PLA is now using GIT for its SCM.

The conversion to GIT was done by importing all the PLA releases from their release tarballs - so you will be able to switch to any PLA release by running git checkout RELEASE. The intermediate commits (between the releases) as well as the work done in the SANDPIT branch of CVS will still be in CVS. It which will remain in read-only mode for historical reminiscing.

All development for the 1.2 version of PLA, from the 1st July will be commited to GIT.

Anyone can get read-only GIT access to the source code for up-to-the-minute access. See the instructions page. Only trusted developers are given write access to the GIT source code repository. Contact the phpLDAPadmin development team if you are interested.

Old CVS Repository

Read only access to CVS is still available using these links:

Developer Documentation

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