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phpLDAPadmin has been known to work successfully with the following LDAP Servers

LDAP Server Version Tested Notes
Apache DS 1.5.1
Fedora Directory Server 1.0.4
Microsoft Active Directory Windows 2003
OpenDS 0.9.0
Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3
OpenLDAP all versions cn=config and cn=monitor is currently not supported (experimental patch available in SF Feature Request 3387473)
IBM Tivoli DS 6.0
Samba4 4.0.0_alpha7
Redhat Directory Server (RHDS) 8.1
Oracle Internet Directory 10g Needed to modify typos in the OID schéma (orclrole, userpassword and givenname). Won't work with PLA >


phpLDAPadmin should work with any LDAP server! phpLDAPadmin will require anonymous read access to the schema to work successfully.

Other Directory Servers

If you are using a directory server with phpLDAPadmin, that is not listed in the table above, please update the table with the details of your directory server.

If you are trying to use phpLDAPadmin with another LDAP server, and it is not working, we would be happy to try and make it work. phpLDAPadmin must obtain the schema for your directory. Currently anonymous read access is required.

If you are prepared to provide us with LDAP access (SSL or non-SSL) to your non-production LDAP server, then we will happily create a patch to make PLA work with your LDAP server.

Alternatively, if you have modified phpLDAPadmin to work better with any LDAP server, be sure to upload your patch to sourceforge, so that it is included in the main code for the next release.

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