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To be able to use phpLDAPadmin, you will need the following:

  • A running LDAP server of your choice, somewhere in your network.
phpLDAPadmin was developed to manage an OpenLDAP server, however, it should also work with other LDAP servers. If you find that you have trouble with PLA and your LDAP server, contact the developments and they would be happy to make the necessary changes to make it work.
Your LDAP server must also provide access to the schema using an anonymous bind. Please ensure that you can see your schema without having to bind to the LDAP server. A way to test this could be as simple as:
ldapsearch -xh HOST -b '' -s base subschemaSubentry
  • A web server (Apache, IIS, etc).
  • Your web server configured to use PHP v5 (PHP4 is no longer support and will not work with PLA 1.x). PHP must be configured with:
    • PCRE support,
    • SESSION support,
    • GETTEXT support,
    • LDAP support,
    • XML support

NOTE: If you receive the following error Fatal error: Call to undefined function: _() then you dont have GETTEXT support installed. You may need to add gettext support manually, or add an additional PHP package from your distro to provide gettext support.

ALSO NOTE: The default memory limit in PHP is often too small. PLA will call ini_get('memory_limit') to test the memory and warn if it is too low. On PHP prior to 5.2.1, PHP needed to be compiled with -enable-memory-limit for this to work (otherwise it returns a blank). In either case, if you have unusual problems with pages not rending, double check your php.ini and set memory_limit to a satisfactory setting

Browser Support

phpLDAPadmin is developed using Firefox as our browser. JavaScript is used extensively in the later releases - especially with the AJAX support.

In theory, any browser should work with phpLDAPadmin, but our experience shows that it renders and displays better with Firefox.

We would happily accept a patch to PLA that makes it display better in any other browser. If you know how to make it render just as well as Firefox, then send your patch to the SourceFourge Patch Tracker

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