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DN to bind to the LDAP server.

Configuration Syntax

Category login
Parameter bind_id
Default null
Applicable Values Valid DN
Example $servers->setValue('login','bind_id',null);

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Also see server:login:bind_pass server:login:auth_type server:proxy:attr


This parameter is used differently depending on the setting of server:login:auth_type.

When server:login:auth_type is set to:

  • config or proxy. This is the user DN to bind to the LDAP server. The correct password for this DN should be specified in server:login:bind_pass.
  • session - This value is behaves differently, depending on the value of server:login:attr. When server:login:attr is set to:
    • null, this should be blank (and the user will be prompted for their DN), or it can be set to a DN (the DN will be pre-filled on the login form)
    • An LDAP attribute, then this should be a valid DN (and it's password set in server:login:bind_pass). This DN will be used to query the LDAP server, to find the DN for the user, who presents a value to the server:login:attr being used.
NOTE: If the this DN and it's password are incorrect, OR, if this DN does not have sufficient privileges to query the LDAP servers for values of the attribute specified in server:login:attr users will NOT be able to login.
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