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PLA is brought to you by the following talented people

Creator David Smith
Current Maintainer Deon George

The following additional people have contributed to PLA

Documentation Mike MacFadden
Feature Additions Xavier Bruyet
Kimmo Koivisto
Dmitry Butskoy
Benjamin Drieu
Samuel Tran
Howard Wilkinson
Alessandro De Zorzi
Thomas Harding
There are more names to add here :)

Previous versions would built by the assistance of

Import/Export & Samba Xavier Renard
I18n Uwe Ebel
userPassword hash, html fixes, ldap_modify fixes Bayu Irawan
SUP support in schema parser Andrew Tipton
UTF-8 support Eigil Bjørgum
DNS entry template Brandon Lederer/Nathan Rotschafer
Password hash patch Steve Rigler
Blowfish and md5crypt passwords Chris Jackson
Perfected schema parser Marius Rieder
realpath() fixes for *BSD Nick Burch
Fix for IBM LDAP schema support Matt Perlman
Predefined searches K Yoder
i18n fixes Piotr Tarnowski
Speed-ups to auto-uidNumber Pierre Belanger
Unicode, CSS fixes Daniel van Eeden
Improved password encoding functions Tomas Kuliavas

NOTE: This list is not complete, there are many more who have contributed to PLA, which is greatly, greatly appreciated.


Chinese (Simplified) Unknown, Tain
Dutch Richard Lucassen
English Dave Smith & Deon George ;)
French Xavier Renard
German Marius Reider, Uwe Ebel, Dieter Kluenter
Hungarian VOROSBARANYI Zoltan, SIPOS Agnes
Italian Fabio Pedretti
Japanese Tadashi Jokagi (elf2000)
Polish Piotr Tarnowski (DrFugazi)
Portuguese (Brasilian) Alexandre Maciel, Elton Schroeder Fenner (CLeGi)
Russan Dmitry Gorpinenko, Aleksey Soldatov, Sergey Saukh
Spanish and Català Andreu Sanchez
Swedish Gunnar Nystrom
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