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Currently Available Demos

Version LDAP Server Provided by
1.2.2 OpenLDAP (2.4.23) Deon George
SANDPIT OpenLDAP (2.4.23) Deon George

Interested in hosting a demo?

We are looking for people to host demos of phpLDAPadmin (PLA), specially to show PLA working with all the different LDAP servers available today.

By providing the demos, it will enable:

  • New users to have a look and see how PLA works against the LDAP server that they may be using.
  • The developers to see PLA working with other LDAP servers and make it easier for us to fix things that dont work. (PLA is developed against OpenLDAP at the moment.)

If you would like to host a phpLDAPadmin demo, then please contact me and let me know.

What do you need to do to host a phpLDAPadmin demo?

You need to give us access to an LDAP test server! (Dont give us access to your production server!)

You can provide either:

read-write preferable So that the fully functionlity of PLA can be used by both internet users looking at PLA and the developers testing that PLA works against other LDAP servers.
mix read-write / read-only next best Provide read-only access for general access viewers, but a read-write admin ID for the developers to use to test PLA.
read-only Just read-only access is also acceptable.

You may either:

  • Provide an LDAP connection to your LDAP server. We'll host the phpLDAPadmin webserver on one of our demo servers and link to your server using either LDAP or LDAPS (whatever you choose).
All you need to do is tell us the IP address, port, base DN we can use, bind DN and bind password and we'll take care of the rest.
  • Host a website running phpLDAPadmin, and you configure the access to your LDAP server. All you need to do is tell us the URL of your phpLDAPadmin website and we'll put a link here.

We'll can provide a script (if you run Linux), that will reset the data frequently. What version of phpLDAPadmin should I host?

You decide!

If you can host the cvs version of PLA (as well as a released version if you want), that will enable us to test changes we make to PLA against your LDAP server (if its not OpenLDAP).

We'll provide a script so that your CVS version is updated daily with changes that we submit to the CVS repository. (You'll need to have CVS installed on your host.)

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